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The Kelley Family consists of Scott and Kathy and their three sons:
Ryan, Matt and Evan.

We own and operate a large farm and garden supply, True Value Hardware and lumber store in Cobleskill, New York.   

We also have a small commercial/registered angus herd and Alpine dairy goats in addition to
growing hay for our own use and to sell in our retail business.

Both Kathy and Scott loved everything about exhibiting livestock in their youth and
believe it was an integral part of developing their future and chosen profession in the Agricultural industry. 

They wanted to replicate that experience for their children. Their three sons have been very active livestock showmen since they were six years old.  They have participated in 4-H and Youth Breed organizations from the County to the National levels.  We are firm believers in the power of caring for animals to teach responsibility, hard work ethic, nurturing, leadership and confidence.

Their youngest son, Evan, is an avid baseball player thus is less involved with the animals than his two older brothers, although he is still responsible for many chores and does some showing.

Matthew is studding at Penn State after graduating from SUNY Cobleskill with a degree in Animal Science He loves the animals and will be lost not being involved in their daily care since Penn State is five hours away. 

Ryan has started his own life with a full time job in Mechanical Engineering and a seasonal ice cream shop.  He occasionally spectates his brothers at a show and does some farm sitting for us during vacations. Allow he is no longer involved with the animals directly
he has many fond memories.

Scott and Kathy have the dilemma of having worked hard with their sons to improve
genetics for show ring success of both the cattle and goats.
They have come a long way in the last 15 years.
Now that all of our “help” is moving on with their own promising futures.
We are not getting any younger, how do we continue? 

It is painful to think of dispersing when we have worked so
hard to get here and would like to see it through to fruition. 
Our new challenges is working with employees to relieve some of the burden,  
along with update our existing facilities to be as efficient as possible.  

There is now a new luxuriously easy and comfortable goat barn.
They are very close to getting federally inspected soon to sell the milk. 

There is also  new buildings for the cattle and hay storage
along with additional pasture land, renovated ponds for water.

We plan to keep both of our herds to a small and efficient, only keeping the best genetics. 
This is easer without our children giving us sad eyes about selling an animal for
emotional reasons.   We hope to continue to promote youth in livestock and plan to find
some opportunities to sell some successful genetics to good showmen that are just beginning on that road. 

We also plan to include beef in our retail offering at our store and possibly milk and goat dairy
 products. Previously we sold halves and quarters to our friends and acquaintances
now most of their families are getting smaller as their children
growing up they don't  require as much beef. 

We have a beautiful life on our small scenic farm and we hope to continue to
raise beautiful animals for years to come. 

Please feel free to peruse our website and see if there are any
dams you would like to own a kid or a calf from
Thank you for your interest in Hawk’s Hill Farm.
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